Daniel Webster

An unlimited power to tax involves, necessarily, the power to destroy.

Conscience, in the cause of religion and the worship of the Deity, prepares the mind to act and to suffer beyond almost all other causes. It sometimes gives an impulse so irresistible, that no fetters of power or of opinion can withstand it.

Falsehoods not only disagree with truths, but usually quarrel among themselves.

God grants liberty only to those who love it, and are always ready to guard and defend it.

He who tampers with the currency robs labor of its bread.

Heaven grant that it may be the glory of the United States to have established two great truths, of the highest importance to the whole human race; first, that an enlightened community is capable of self-government; and, second, that the toleration of all sects does not necessarily produce indifference to religion.

I mistrust the judgment of every man in a case in which his own wishes are concerned.

If all my possessions were taken from me with one exception, I would choose to keep the power of communication, for by it I would soon regain all the rest.

If public life has its cares and its trials, it has occasionally its consolations also. Among these, one of the greatest, and the chief, is the approbation of those whom we have honestly endeavored to serve.

In a time of peace, the proper pursuits of peace engage society with a degree of enterprise and an intenseness of application heretofore unknown.

Justice, sir, is the great interest of man on Earth. It is the ligament which holds civilized beings and civilized nations together.

Knowledge is the only fountain both of the love and the principles of human liberty.

Labor is the great producer of wealth; it moves all other causes.

Liberty exists in proportion to wholesome restraint.

Men yield up their notions of monopoly and restriction, as they yield up other prejudices, slowly and reluctantly; but they cannot withstand the general tide of opinion.

No man not inspired can make a good speech without preparation.

On the diffusion of education among the people rest the preservation and perpetuation of our free institutions.

Philosophic argument, especially that drawn from the vastness of the universe, in comparison with the apparent insignificance of this globe, has sometimes shaken my reason for the faith that is in me; but my heart has always assured and reassured me that the gospel of Jesus Christ must be Divine Reality. The Sermon on the Mount cannot be a mere human production. This belief enters into the very depth of my conscience. The whole history of man proves it.

So far as we can trace the designs of Providence, the formation of the mind and character, by instruction in knowledge, and instruction in righteousness, is a main end of human being.

The Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions.

The proper function of a government is to make it easy for the people to do good, and difficult for them to do evil.

There is always room at the top. [When advised not to become a lawyer because the profession was overcrowded]

There is no refuge from confession but suicide, and suicide is confession.

Those who do not look upon themselves as a link connecting the past with the future do not perform their duty to the world.

What a man does for others, not what they do for him, gives him immortality.

Whatever else may tend to enrich and beautify society that which feeds and clothes comfortably the great mass of mankind should always be regarded as the great foundation of national prosperity.

Whatever makes men good Christians, makes them good citizens.

When tillage begins, other arts follow. The farmers, therefore, are the founders of human civilization.

Wisdom begins at the end.


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