Henryk Sienkiewicz

An excessive preponderance of an idealistic mood is harmful to society: it creates daydreaming, political Don Quixotism, hope for heavenly intervention. This is an undeniable truth--but it is also true that every extreme is harmful.

Every novelist should write something for children at least once in his lifetime.

Generally speaking, all the people of the so-called upper classes do not live a true, real life. Below us something always happens, there is the struggle for life, for bread, a life full of diligent work, animal necessities, appetites, passions, everyday efforts,--a palpable life, which roars, leaps, and tumbles like ocean waves, and we are sitting eternally on terraces, discussing art, literature, love, women; strangers to that other life far removed from it, obliterating, out of the seven, the six work-days. Without being conscious of it, our inclinations, nerves, and soul are fit only for holidays. Immersed into blissful dilettantism as in a warm bath, we are half awake, half dreaming. Consuming leisurely our wealth, and our inherited supply of nerves and muscles, we gradually lose our foothold upon the soil.

I die too soon.

I go to church because I am a skeptic in regard to my own skepticism.

The fact is that between the classes there is a vast gulf that precludes all mutual understanding, and makes simultaneous efforts simply impossible.

There is probably no greater idler than myself. And I would consider myself a lazy-bones if I did not write so many volumes, and if I did not admire my diligence once I begin writing.

Wealth is not a hindrance, but rather a help towards attaining a proper standing in a chosen field of activity. I confess that as far as I am concerned, it has done me some service as it preserved my character from many a crookedness poverty might have exposed it to.


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