Victor Serge

I followed his argument with the blank uneasiness which one might feel in the presence of a logical lunatic.

Itís a question to ask ourselves if weíre not mad. But who are the madmen, in Godís name? Those who wonder about it, or the others? If we ever began to speak out loud, what would they do with us, tell me?

In the language, in the slogans posted everywhere, in the only two newspapers published, among the men, we discovered one enormous uniformity of a single way of thinking, imperious, almost despotic, but supreme, terribly true, made flesh and blood at each moment through action. We found not the passionate mobs going forward under new flags to struggles begun anew each day in tragic and fruitful confusions, but a sort of vast administration, an army, a machine in which the most burning energies and the clearest intelligences were coldly integrated and which performed its task inexorably.

Memorable Quotations: Russian Writers

Memorable Quotations:
Russian Writers of the Past (Kindle Book)