Mary Roberts Rinehart

Men deceive themselves; they look back on the children who were once themselves, and attempt to reconstruct them. But they can no longer think like the child, and against the unpleasant and the horrid the mind has set up the defensive machinery of forgetfulness.

The great God endows His children variously. To some he gives intellect--and they move the earth. To some he allots heart--and the beating pulse of humanity is theirs. But to some He gives only a soul, without intelligence--and these, who never grow up, but remain always His children, are God's fools, kindly, elemental, simple, as if from His palette the Artist of all had taken one colour instead of many.

The writing career is not a romantic one. The writer's life may be colorful, but his work itself is rather drab.

There is something shameful about the death of a play. It does not die with pity, but contempt.

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