Nachman of Bratslav

A drunkard cannot plead his case.

A man's drive for profit should be prompted by the desire to give charity.

A man should believe in God through faith, not because of miracles.

A man should eat slowly, properly, even if he eats alone.

A mitzvah that costs money is worth more than one that costs nothing.

A modest woman has good children.

A poor but humble man who gives nothing to charity is preferrable to a rich but haughty man who does.

A quarrelsome man deserves no honors.

A strict master will not have understanding sons.

Always help the persecuted.

An angry man is unfit to pray.

Arbitration is justice blended with charity.

Before reciting his prayers, a man should give to charity.

Better a superstitious believer than a rational unbeliever.

Charity cures heartaches.

Charity with a smile shows the donor's character.

Don't ask God to change the laws of nature for you.

Don't ever fret over married children; they will take care of themselves.

Elderly men who are popular with young women usually lack wisdom.

Even the poor should give something to charity.

Every author should weigh his work and ask, "Will humanity gain any benefit from it?"

Faith is not only in the heart; it should be put into words.

Feel no sadness because of evil thoughts: it only strengthens them.

Flattery leads to vulgarity; the flatterer is despised.

Freedom is the world of joy.

God forgets those who reject proof that they are wrong.

If all the ancient sacred writings had been preserved, some would be found to be heretical.

If we do not help a man in trouble, it is as if we caused the trouble.

If you do not help a man with his troubles, it is equivalent to bringing troubles to him.

He who cannot accept reproof cannot become great.

He who has no confidence utters falsehoods, and he who utters falsehoods has no confidence.

I conquered my hostility by putting it away until the day I might need it.

Include yourself in any reproof.

Just as your hand, held before the eye, can hide the tallest mountain, so this small earthly life keeps us from seeing the vast radiance that fills the core of the universe.

Knowledge that is paid for will be longer remembered.

Lies are usually caused by an undue fear of men.

Man must not rely on pure reason; he must mix faith with it.

More men die from overeating than undernourishment.

Prayers truly from the heart open all doors in Heaven.

Teach a child good manners during babyhood.

The best weapons of a Jew are his prayers.

The I is the soul, which endures.

The man who acts humble in order to win praise is guilty of the lowest form of pride.

The man who disobeys his parents will have disobedient sons.

The man who has led a good life will find many allies.

The prosperity of a country can be seen simply in how it treats its old people.

The Torah itself becomes coarse in the mouth of a man of pride.

The world goes on because of those who close their lips when they meet hostility from others.

Thinking is more precious than all five senses.

Those who are pure of heart find new thoughts whenever they meditate.

To revive a man is no slight thing.

Toothaches afflict those who have no compassion for animals.

Unfounded hate only multiplies quarrels.

Victory cannot tolerate truth.

We each have the kind of children we deserve.

When a man is able to take abuse with a smile, he is worthy to become a leader.

When a father is quick to lose his tempre, his sons are fools.

When a father is quick-tempered, his children are confused.

When you help scholars, you gain a share in their learning.

Whenever a treaty of peace is signed, God is present.

Where there is no compassion, crime increases.

Where there is no peace, prayers are not heard.

Where there is no truth there is no grace.

Whoever is able to write a book and does not, is as if he has lost a child.

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