David McPherson

Possessing an array of athletic gifts is something most tennis players can only dream about. Most players, if they're lucky, have one attribute that stands out -- either a monster serve, great footspeed, superb touch, superior timing or innate feel for the ball.

Nothing is etched in stone in tennis until the final point has been played. That's why we watch.

Like all sports fans, tennis junkies are not satisfied with simply following the current crop of players and admiring their accomplishments. They seemingly always need to compare players of different eras and designate one of them as the greatest player of all time.

Martina Navratilova said in the early '90s that Seles would inspire the players of the future to also use two-handed forehands. That didn't happen, but she is responsible for the all-out aggression with which most of the top players play. All the low trajectory shots hit with just moderate amounts of spin and traveling into the corners like heat-seeking missiles? You guessed it, Monica's to blame.

Part of the experience of enjoying a tennis match on TV is listening to the observations of an expert commentator -- one who knows the sport, has a genuine passion for the game, respects the viewers' intelligence, knows when to talk and when to keep quiet, can make you laugh and is not afraid to call a spade a spade.

Keep Racquets Away from Tall People! . . . A guy six foot eight or taller who's powerful, quick, agile, flexible and explosive. . . And serving from a treetop. Scary. . . most of the NBA guys . . . come from humble backgrounds and wouldn't have had the resources or opportunity (let alone the inclination or desire) to play a sport that requires money for equipment, coaching, etc. But who knows? . . . if the USTA gets tired of seeing Europeans dominate the Open, it may be time to start scoping out middle schools for very tall, very athletic 12-year-olds. For the sake of ground strokes, long rallies, or for that matter any rallies at all, let's hope those kids stick to basketball.


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