Kenneth C. Griffin

Capital markets reward you for what you learn that other people have yet to ascertain.

Risk is what you make of it.

Size is a double-edged sword with great advantages and disadvantages.

My advice to every student who is trying to make a decision for the years immediately after graduation: take the opportunity that in your mind is the most rewarding, that you are most passionate about and that you find most interesting and save the rest of your life for being risk averse. Whatever you want to do, this is the time to pursue it. Twenty years from now, your freedom to take risks will be limited.

We all know that great leaders can create great successes.

Every organization has two choices. Choice one is to grow. Choice two is to die. If you decide not to grow, it's a clear-cut message to talented people that it's time to leave.

We're subject to the same forces of capitalism that have built the entire American economy. Strong returns induce more capital flow, which creates more competitors, and you have to evolve and get better, or you die.

The ability to create same day straight through processing of mutual fund trades is a matter of will.

There won’t be one, single global market. But there will be global investors.

Let's go.

The investment banks should either choose to be regulated as banks or should arrange to conduct their affairs to not require the stop-gap support of the Federal Reserve.

Memorable Quotations: Business Leaders

Memorable Quotations from Business Leaders
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