Benjamin Franklin

As Pride increases, Fortune declines.

As sore places meet most rubs, proud folks meet most affronts.

As we must account for every idle word, so must we account for every idle silence.

At the working man's house hunger looks in but dares not enter.

At twenty years of age, the will reigns; at thirty, the wife; and at forty, the judgment.

Avarice and Happiness never saw each other, how then should they become acquainted?

Ay, we must all hang together else we shall all hang separately.

Bargaining has neither friends nor relations.

Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every new year find you a better man.

Be civil to all, sociable to many, familiar with few, friend to one, enemy to none.

Be in general virtuous, and you will be happy.

Be neither silly, nor cunning, but wise.

Be not niggardly of what costs thee nothing, as courtesy, counsel, & countenance.

Be not sick too late, nor well too soon.

Be slow in choosing a friend, slower in changing.

Be sober and temperate, and you will be healthy.

Be studious in your profession, and you will be learned.

Be temperate in wine, in eating, girls, and sloth.

Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

Being ignorant is not so much a shame, as being unwilling to learn.

Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see.

Energy and persistence conquer all things.

Enjoy the present hour, be mindful of the past; And neither fear nor wish the Approaches of the last. Learn of the skillful: He that teaches himself, hath a fool for his master.

Ere fancy you consult, consult your purse.

Even peace may be purchased at too high a price.

Eyes and Priests Bear no Jests.

Fatigue is the best pillow.

Fear God, and your Enemies will fear you.

Fear not Death; for the sooner we die, the longer shall we be immortal.

Fear to do ill, and you need fear else.

Fish and guests stink in three days.

Fly Pleasures, and they'll follow you.

Fond pride of dress is sure a very curse.

Fools make feasts, and wise men eat them.

He that speaks ill of the mare will buy her.

He that speaks much is much mistaken.

He that steals the old man's supper does him no wrong.

He that takes a wife takes care.

He that waits upon a fortune is never sure of a dinner.

He that won't be counseled can't be helped. He that would have a short Lent, let him borrow Money to be repaid at Easter.

He that would live in peace and at ease, Must not speak all he knows, nor judge all he sees.

He that's secure is not safe.

Historians relate, not so much what is done, as what they would have believed.

Hope of gain lessens pain.

If your riches are yours, why don't you take them with you to the other world?

Ill Customs & bad Advice are seldom forgotten.

In a discreet man's mouth, a public thing is private.

In general, mankind, since the improvement of cookery, eats twice as much as nature requires.

In prosperous fortunes be modest and wise, The greatest may fall, and the lowest may rise: But insolent People that fall in disgrace, Are wretched and nobody pities their Case.

In rivers and bad governments, the lightest things swim at the top.

In success be moderate.

In the affairs of this world, men are saved, not by faith, but by the want of it.

In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes.

Industry need not wish.

Industry pays Debts, Despair increases them.

Industry, perseverance, and frugality make fortune yield.

Innocence is its own Defense.

Interest which blinds some People, enlightens others.

Is there anything Men take more pains about than to render themselves unhappy?

Necessity knows no law; I know some attorneys of the same.

Necessity never made a good bargain.

Never confuse motion with action.

Never contradict anybody.

Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today.

Onions can make even Heirs and Widows weep.

Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.

Opportunity is the great Bawd.

Originality is the art of concealing your sources.

Our Constitution is in actual operation; everything appears to promise that it will last; but in this world nothing is certain but death and taxes.

Our necessities never equal our wants.

Our whole life is but a greater and longer childhood.

Pain wastes the Body, Pleasures the Understanding.

Passion governs, and she never governs wisely.

Sorrow is dry.

Speak and speed: the close mouth catches no flies.

Speak ill of no man, but speak all the good you know of everybody.

Speak with contempt of none, from slave to king, The meanest Bee hath, and will use, a sting.

Squirrel-like she covers her back with her tail.

Take counsel in wine, but resolve afterwards in water.

Take Courage, Mortal; Death can't banish thee out of the Universe.

Take this remark from Richard poor and lame, Whatever's begun in anger ends in shame.

Take time for all things; great haste makes great waste.

Tart words make no friends; a spoonful of honey will catch more flies than a gallon of vinegar.

There is no little enemy.

There is no man so bad, but he secretly respects the good.

There never was a truly great man that was not at the same time truly virtuous.

There seem to be but three ways for a nation to acquire wealth. The first is by war, as the Romans did, in plundering their conquered neighbors. This is robbery. The second by commerce, which is generally cheating. The third by agriculture, the only honest way, wherein man receives a real increase of the seed thrown into the ground, in a kind of continual miracle, wrought by the hand of God in his favor, as a reward for his innocent life and his virtuous industry.

There will be sleeping enough in the grave.

There's many witty men whose brains can't fill their bellies.

We do not stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing!

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