Charles Baudelaire (18211867)

A frenzied passion for art is a canker that devours everything else.

There are as many kinds of beauty as there are habitual ways of seeking happiness.

For the merchant, even honesty is a financial speculation.

There exist certain individuals who are, by nature, given purely to contemplation and are utterly unsuited to action, and who, nevertheless, under a mysterious and unknown impulse, sometimes act with a speed which they themselves would have thought beyond them.

It is from the womb of art that criticism was born.

The dandy should aspire to be uninterruptedly sublime. He should live and sleep in front of a mirror.

It is the hour to be drunken! To escape being the martyred slaves of time, be ceaselessly drunk. On wine, on poetry, or on virtue, as you wish.

Genius is no more than childhood recaptured at will, childhood equipped now with man's physical means to express itself, and with the analytical mind that enables it to bring order into the sum of experience, involuntarily amassed.

There is no more steely barb than that of the Infinite.

The lover of life makes the whole world into his family, just as the lover of the fair sex creates his from all the lovely women he has found, from those that could be found, and those who are impossible to find.

Nearly all our originality comes from the stamp that time impresses upon our sensibility.

Poetry and progress are like two ambitious men who hate one another with an instinctive hatred, and when they meet upon the same road, one of them has to give place.

The man who says his evening prayer is a captain posting his sentinels. He can sleep.

Everything that is beautiful and noble is the product of reason and calculation.

Any man who does not accept the conditions of human life sells his soul.

The world only goes round by misunderstanding.

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