Jean Anouilh

Until the day of his death, no man can be sure of his courage.

An ugly sight, a man who is afraid.

With God, what is terrible is that one never knows whether it's not just a trick of the devil.

To say yes, you have to sweat and roll up your sleeves and plunge both hands into life up to the elbows. It's easy to say no, even if it means dying.

There is love of course. And then there's life, its enemy.

Poor little men, poor little cocks! As soon as they're old enough, they swell their plumage to be conquerors. . . . If they only knew that it's enough to be just a little bit wounded and sad in order to obtain everything without fighting for it.

The only immorality . . . is not to do what one has to do when one has to do it.

Nothing is irreparable in politics.

Propaganda is a soft weapon; hold it in your hands too long, and it will move about like a snake, and strike the other way.

Every man thinks God is on his side. The rich and powerful know he is.

Saintliness is also a temptation.

One cannot weep for the entire world, it is beyond human strength. One must choose.

It takes a certain courage and a certain greatness to be truly base.

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