Memorable Quotations:
Women Novelists

"Fiction reveals truths
that reality obscures."
--Jessamyn West

Renata Adler Quotations

Louisa May Alcott Quotations

Margery Allingham Quotations

Gertrude Franklin Atherton Quotations

Margaret Atwood Quotations

Jane Austen Quotations

Dorothy Dodds Baker Quotations

Toni Cade Bambara Quotations

Djuna Barnes Quotations

Vicki Baum Quotations

Simone de Beauvoir Quotations

Aphra Behn Quotations

Sarah Bernhardt Quotations

Elizabeth Bowen Quotations

Anne Bronte Quotations

Charlotte Bronte Quotations

Emily Bronte Quotations

Anita Brookner Quotations

Rita Mae Brown Quotations

Pearl Buck Quotations

Fanny Burney Quotations

Octavia E. Butler Quotations

Taylor Caldwell Quotations

Angela Carter Quotations

Willa Cather Quotations

Kate Chopin Quotations

Agatha Christie Quotations

Colette Quotations

Edwidge Danticat Quotations

Rita Dove Quotations

Marguerite Duras Quotations

George Eliot Quotations

Edna Ferber Quotations

Janet Frame Quotations

Zona Gale Quotations

Elizabeth Gaskell Quotations

Martha Gellhorn Quotations

Ellen Glasgow Quotations

Nadine Gordimer Quotations

Judith Guest Quotations

Elizabeth Hardwick Quotations

Shirley Hazzard Quotations

Alice Hoffman Quotations

Zora Neale Hurston Quotations

Helen Hunt Jackson Quotations

P. D. James Quotations

Sarah Orne Jewett Quotations

Erica Jong Quotations

Ursula K. Le Guin Quotations

Fran Lebowitz Quotations

Harper Lee Quotations

Doris Lessing Quotations

Audre Lorde Quotations

Rose Macaulay Quotations

Paule Marshall Quotations

Mary McCarthy Quotations

Carson McCullers Quotations

Terry McMillan Quotations

Alice Duer Miller Quotations

Margaret Mitchell Quotations

Toni Morrison Quotations

Iris Murdoch Quotations

Gloria Naylor Quotations

Anais Nin Quotations

Kathleen Norris Quotations

Ann Oakley Quotations

Joyce Carol Oates Quotations

Flannery O'Connor Quotations

Margaret Oliphant Quotations

Baroness Orczy Quotations

Ouida Quotations

Cynthia Ozick Quotations

Sylvia Plath Quotations

Katherine Anne Porter Quotations

Ayn Rand Quotations

Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Quotations

Jean Rhys Quotations

Laura Riding Quotations

Mary Roberts Rinehart Quotations

Judith Rossner Quotations

Vita Sackville-West Quotations

Dorothy L. Sayers Quotations

Olive Schreiner Quotations

Elizabeth Smart Quotations

Susan Sontag Quotations

Muriel Spark Quotations

Madame de Stael Quotations

Harriet Beecher Stowe Quotations

Han Suyin Quotations

Alice Walker Quotations

Margaret Walker Quotations

Mrs. Humphry Ward Quotations

Jessamyn West Quotations

Rebecca West Quotations

Edith Wharton Quotations

Virginia Woolf Quotations

Marguerite Yourcenar Quotations

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