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This impressive collection of quotations is a treasure
of penetrating wisdom, keen wit, and beautiful thoughts
gleaned from the writings and speeches
of the world's most memorable individuals.

Alice Walker Quotations

Margaret Walker Quotations

Mrs. H. O. Ward Quotations

Mrs. Humphry Ward Quotations

Charles Dudley Warner Quotations

Sylvia Townsend Warner Quotations

Booker T. Washington Quotations

George Washington Quotations

Evelyn Waugh Quotations

Mary Webb Quotations

Max Weber Quotations

Daniel Webster Quotations

John Webster Quotations

Simone Weil Quotations

Orson Welles Quotations

H. G. Wells Quotations

Eudora Welty Quotations

Jessamyn West Quotations

Rebecca West Quotations

Mae West Quotations

Edith Wharton Quotations

Ella Wheeler Wilcox Quotations

Oscar Wilde Quotations

Oscar Wilde II Quotations

Oscar Wilde III Quotations

Billy Wilder Quotations

Thornton Wilder Quotations

Tennessee Williams Quotations

Wendell Willkie Quotations

August Wilson Quotations

Woodrow Wilson Quotations

Ludwig Wittgenstein Quotations

P.G. Wodehouse Quotations

Thomas Wolfe Quotations

Mary Wollstonecraft Quotations

Virginia Woolf Quotations

William Wordsworth Quotations

Richard Wright Quotations

William Wycherley Quotations

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Memorable Quotations: Simone Weil
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Memorable Quotations from Oscar Wilde
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Memorable Quotations: Woodrow Wilson
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Memorable Quotations: Virginia Woolf
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