That Year in Saigon

Original Screenplay
Diana J. Dell & Carol A. Dingle

WGA Registration Number: 1097178

Log Line: This original romantic comedy follows the ups and downs of three courageous and caring American women witnessing, with eyes, ears and hearts wide open, the most extraordinary event of their generation -- the Vietnam War in all its lunacy, adventure, sorrow and heroics.

Synopsis: The year is 1971 and the place is Saigon. But this isn't your typical Vietnam War script. Rather than immersing us in scenes filled with jungle warfare, blood, and gore, "That Year in Saigon" delves into the lives of three courageous and caring twenty-something American women who work for the USO. Radio personality Debbie Dawson and her friends, black and proud Constance Johnson and Spanish spitfire Katarina "Kat" Martinez, are having the time of their lives while entertaining the troops and keeping the bored GI's out of trouble. They're surrounded by and enjoy the camaraderie of a group of colorful and sometimes loony friends, from a classy Eurasian call girl to a French nun. And their love lives are both fulfilled and complicated by the men of their dreams: Army doctor Brett Miller, "Soul Train" disc jockey Josh Jackson, and general's aide Ricardo Chavez. But as the war winds down and US troops continue to leave at a steady pace, Debbie, Constance, and Kat find themselves confronting secrets and loss amid their laughter.

Based on true events, "That Year in Saigon" reveals a Vietnam rarely seen on film: It's a world of entertainers and orphans, humanitarians and war profiteers, Buddhist monks and strippers, military brass and rear echelon soldiers (REMF's) that acknowledges the poignancy and absurdity of the war without losing a sense of humor. A fresh, romantic comedy-drama filled with memorable characters, snappy dialogue, and biting political commentary, "That Year in Saigon" appeals to baby boomers and younger viewers alike as they follow the ups and downs of three ordinary women witnessing, with eyes, ears, and hearts wide open, the most extraordinary event of their generation -- the Vietnam War in all its lunacy, adventure, sorrow, and heroics.

"That Year in Saigon" was a finalist in the WinFemme Monthlies and received Honorable Mention in Radmin Company Screenwriting Competition.

Another script, "My Name is Anna Busch," a World War II drama, has been optioned by producer LaMont T. Cain.

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Diana Dell is the author of “Memories Are Like Clouds” and “A Saigon Party: And Other Vietnam War Short Stories.”


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