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This impressive collection of quotations is a treasure
of penetrating wisdom, keen wit, and beautiful thoughts
gleaned from the writings and speeches
of the world's most memorable individuals.

William Howard Taft Quotations

Ida Tarbell Quotations

Booth Tarkington Quotations

A. J. P. Taylor Quotations

Sir Henry Taylor Quotations

Jeremy Taylor Quotations

Zachary Taylor Quotations

Alfred, Lord Tennyson Quotations

Terence Quotations

Saint Teresa of Avila Quotations

William Makepeace Thackeray Quotations

Paul Theroux Quotations

Margaret Thatcher Quotations

Dorothy Thompson Quotations

Henry David Thoreau Quotations

Billy Bob Thornton Quotations

James Thurber Quotations

Alexis de Tocqueville Quotations

Alice B. Toklas Quotations

Leo Tolstoy Quotations

Jean Toomer Quotations

A. J. Toynbee Quotations

Thomas Traherne Quotations

P. L. Travers Quotations

Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree Quotations

Richard Chevenix Trench Quotations

G. M. Trevelyan Quotations

Lionel Trilling Quotations

Anthony Trollope Quotations

Leon Trotsky Quotations

Harry Truman Quotations

Dalton Trumbo Quotations

Sojourner Truth Quotations

Marina Tsvetaeva Quotations

Harriet Tubman Quotations

Barbara Tuchman Quotations

Julian Tuwim Quotations

Mark Twain Quotations

John Tyler Quotations

Tristan Tzara Quotations

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Memorable Quotations from Henry David Thoreau
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Memorable Quotations from James Thurber
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Memorable Quotations: Alexis de Tocqueville
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Memorable Quotations: Leo Tolstoy
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Memorable Quotations from Harry S. Truman
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