Polish Proverbs

A big cloud gives a small rain.

I am grown not out of salt nor out of the soil but out of that which pains me.

Before the fat man grows thin, the thin man will die.

Better an iron peace than a golden war.

Better an ounce of luck than a pound of gold.

Better to lose with a wise man than to win with a fool.

Every monster will find its admirer.

Fear has big eyes.

From a good nest, good children.

Hunger is the best cook.

If it's not your worry, don't hurry.

Loss, misadventure, are the way to wisdom.

Love without money, gateway to misery.

No one knows what hurts another.

Proverbs are the wisdom of a people.

The farther into the woods, the thicker the trees.

The ox does not remember when he was a calf.

The way is never long to one's beloved.

There is a proverb for everything.

There is no evil without good.

There is no rose without thorns.

Those who like each other, peck at each other.

To the willing, nothing is possible.

What hurts most, teaches soonest.

Who digs pits under others falls into them himself.

Who lacks armament should avoid argument.

Work will never take the crown from my brow.


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