Memorable Quotations: O's

This impressive collection of quotations is a treasure
of penetrating wisdom, keen wit, and beautiful thoughts
gleaned from the writings and speeches
of the world's most memorable individuals.

Ann Oakley Quotations

Joyce Carol Oates Quotations

Barack Obama Quotations

Michelle Obama Quotations

Conor Cruise O’Brien Quotations

Sean O'Casey Quotations

Flannery O'Connor Quotations

Sean O'Faolain Quotations

O. Henry Quotations

Georgia O’Keeffe Quotations

Margaret Oliphant Quotations

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Quotations

Michael Ondaatje Quotations

Eugene O'Neill Quotations

Yoko Ono Quotations

J. Robert Oppenheimer Quotations

Susie Orbach Quotations

Baroness Orczy Quotations

P. J. O’Rourke Quotations

José Ortega y Gasset Quotations

George Orwell Quotations

John Osborne Quotations

Sir William Osler Quotations

Ouida Quotations

Ovid Quotations

Cynthia Ozick Quotations

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