Memorable Quotations: L's

This impressive collection of quotations is a treasure
of penetrating wisdom, keen wit, and beautiful thoughts
gleaned from the writings and speeches
of the world's most memorable individuals.

Jean de La Bruyère Quotations

Christian Lacroix Quotations

Suzanne Lafollette Quotations

Jean de La Fontaine Quotations

Karl Lagerfeld Quotations

Fiorello La Guardia Quotations

Jean-François de La Harpe Quotations

Dilys Laing Quotations

R. D. Laing Quotations

Charles Lamb Quotations

Ann Landers Quotations

Walter Savage Landor Quotations

Rose Wilder Lane Quotations

Suzanne L. Langer Quotations

Lao-Tzu Quotations

Lewis H. Lapham Quotations

François, Duc de La Rochefoucauld Quotations

Christopher Lasch Quotations

Isidore Ducasse, Comte de Lautréamont Quotations

Johann Kaspar Lavater Quotations

D. H. Lawrence Quotations

T. E. Lawrence Quotations

Irving Layton Quotations

John Le Carré Quotations

Le Corbusier Quotations

Ursula K. Le Guin Quotations

Eda J. Le Shan Quotations

Stephen Leacock Quotations

Timothy Leary Quotations

William Least Heat Moon Quotations

Fran Lebowitz Quotations

Stanislaw Lec Quotations

Harper Lee Quotations

Spike Lee Quotations

Henri Lefebvre Quotations

David Lehman Quotations

Michel Leiris Quotations

Caroline LeJeune Quotations

Stanislaw Lem Quotations

Jack Lemmon Quotations

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin Quotations

John Lennon Quotations

Abba Lerner Quotations

Gerda Lerner Quotations

Max Lerner Quotations

Doris Lessing Quotations

Oscar Levant Quotations

Primo Levi Quotations

Claude Levi-Strauss Quotations

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