Memorable Quotations: H's

Part 2

This impressive collection of quotations is a treasure
of penetrating wisdom, keen wit, and beautiful thoughts
gleaned from the writings and speeches
of the world's most memorable individuals.

Beatrice Hinkle Quotations

Hippocrates Quotations

Alfred Hitchcock Quotations

Edward Hoagland Quotations

Russell Hoban Quotations

Thomas Hobbes Quotations

E. J. Hobsbawm Quotations

David Hockney Quotations

Eric Hoffer Quotations

Alice Hoffman Quotations

Dustin Hoffman Quotations

Simon Hoggart Quotations

Billie Holiday Quotations

Oliver Wendell Holmes Quotations

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. Quotations

Richard Hooker Quotations

Bell Hooks Quotations

Herbert Hoover Quotations

Anthony Hope Quotations

Bob Hope Quotations

Horace Quotations

Karen Horney Quotations

Sam Houston Quotations

William Dean Howells Quotations

Elbert Hubbard Quotations

Ruth Hubbard Quotations

Langston Hughes Quotations

Victor Hugo Quotations

Karl Wilhelm Von Humboldt Quotations

David Hume Quotations

Hubert H. Humphrey Quotations

Zora Neale Hurston Quotations

John Huston Quotations

R. H. Hutton Quotations

Aldous Huxley Quotations

Thomas Henry Huxley Quotations

Hypatia Quotations

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