Memorable Quotations: F's

This impressive collection of quotations is a treasure
of penetrating wisdom, keen wit, and beautiful thoughts
gleaned from the writings and speeches
of the world's most memorable individuals.

Oriana Fallaci Quotations

Frantz Fanon Quotations

George Farquhar Quotations

Eliza Farnham Quotations

William Faulkner Quotations

Jules Feiffer Quotations

James Fenton Quotations

Edna Ferber Quotations

Ludwig Feuerbach Quotations

Leslie Fiedler Quotations

Henry Fielding Quotations

Eva Figes Quotations

Millard Fillmore Quotations

Ernst Fischer Quotations

H. A. L. Fisher Quotations

M. F. K. Fisher Quotations

F. Scott Fitzgerald Quotations

Frances Fitzgerald Quotations

Penelope Fitzgerald Quotations

Robert Fitzgerald Quotations

Zelda Fitzgerald Quotations

Ian Fleming Quotations

John Florio Quotations

Ferdinand Foch Quotations

Jane Fonda Quotations

Malcolm Forbes Quotations

Anna Ford Quotations

Gerald R. Ford Quotations

Henry Ford Quotations

Richard Ford Quotations

E.M. Forster Quotations

Michel Foucault Quotations

John Fowles Quotations

Charles James Fox Quotations

Janet Frame Quotations

Anatole France Quotations

Anne Frank Quotations

Felix Frankfurter Quotations

Benjamin Franklin Quotations

Frederick The Great, King of Prussia Quotations

Marilyn French Quotations

Sigmund Freud Quotations

Betty Friedan Quotations

Milton Friedman Quotations

Brian Friel Quotations

Max Frisch Quotations

Erich Fromm Quotations

Robert Frost Quotations

Christopher Fry Quotations

Northop Frye Quotations

Carlos Fuentes Quotations

J. William Fulbright Quotations

Margaret Fuller Quotations

Thomas Fuller Quotations

Henry Fuseli Quotations

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