Memorable Quotations: B's

Part 3

This impressive collection of quotations is a treasure
of penetrating wisdom, keen wit, and beautiful thoughts
gleaned from the writings and speeches
of the world's most memorable individuals.

Catherine Drinker Bowen Quotations

Elizabeth Bowen Quotations

Malcolm Bradbury Quotations

Mary Elizabeth Braddon Quotations

F.H. Bradley Quotations

Omar Bradley Quotations

Mary Gardiner Brainard Quotations

Louis D. Brandeis Quotations

Richard Branson Quotations

Marlon Brando Quotations

Bertolt Brecht Quotations

William J. Brennan Quotations

Robert Bresson Quotations

André Breton Quotations

Fanny Brice Quotations

Saint Bridget of Sweden Quotations

Alan Brien Quotations

Vera Brittain Quotations

Hermann Broch Quotations

Fawn Brodie Quotations

Joseph Brodsky Quotations

Jacob Bronowski Quotations

Anne Brontė Quotations

Charlotte Brontė Quotations

Emily Brontė Quotations

Edward W. Brooke Quotations

Rupert Brooke Quotations

Gwendolyn Brooks Quotations

Anita Brookner Quotations

Heywood Broun Quotations

John Brown Quotations

Norman O. Brown Quotations

Olympia Brown Quotations

Rita Mae Brown Quotations

William Wells Brown Quotations

Elizabeth Barrett Browning Quotations

Robert Browning Quotations

Sir Thomas Browne Quotations

Lenny Bruce Quotations

Giordano Bruno Quotations

Robert Brustein Quotations

William Jennings Bryan Quotations

William Cullen Bryant Quotations

Bill Bryson Quotations

John Buchan Quotations

James Buchanan Quotations

Patrick Buchanan Quotations

Art Buchwald Quotations

Pearl Buck Quotations

Warren Buffett Quotations

Charles Bukowski Quotations

Edward Bulwer-Lytton Quotations

Luis Buńuel Quotations

John Bunyan Quotations

Julie Burchill Quotations

Anthony Burgess Quotations

Edmund Burke Quotations

Fanny Burney Quotations

Leo Burnett Quotations

George Burns Quotations

William Burroughs Quotations

Richard Burton Quotations

Robert Burton Quotations

George Herbert Walker Bush Quotations

George W. Bush Quotations

Octavia E. Butler Quotations

Samuel Butler Quotations

Lord Byron Quotations

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Memorable Quotations: Lord Byron
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