Memorable Quotations: B's

Part 2

This impressive collection of quotations is a treasure
of penetrating wisdom, keen wit, and beautiful thoughts
gleaned from the writings and speeches
of the world's most memorable individuals.

Aphra Behn Quotations

Hilaire Belloc Quotations

Saul Bellow Quotations

Robert Benchley Quotations

David Ben-Gurion Quotations

Ruth Fulton Benedict Quotations

Walter Benjamin Quotations

Tony Benn Quotations

Alan Bennett Quotations

Arnold Bennett Quotations

Jeremy Bentham Quotations

Nicolai Berdyaev Quotations

John Berger Quotations

Cyrano de Bergerac Quotations

Ingmar Bergman Quotations

Henri Bergson Quotations

Irving Berlin Quotations

Georges Bernanos Quotations

Sarah Bernhardt Quotations

Louise Bernikow Quotations

Carl Bernstein Quotations

Yogi Berra Quotations

Mary McLeod Bethune Quotations

Aneurin Bevan Quotations

William Beveridge Quotations

Jeff Bezos Quotations

Ambrose Bierce Quotations

Steve Biko Quotations

Victoria Billings Quotations

Augustine Birrell Quotations

Otto Von Bismarck Quotations

Hugo Black Quotations

Antoinette Brown Blackwell Quotations

Elizabeth Blackwell Quotations

William Blake Quotations

Maurice Blanchot Quotations

William Peter Blatty Quotations

Marguerite Blessington Quotations

Edward Blishen Quotations

Allan Bloom Quotations

Harold Bloom Quotations

Michael Bloomberg Quotations

Louise Bogan Quotations

John C. Bogle Quotations

Nicolas Boileau-Despréaux Quotations

Simón Bolivar Quotations

Erma Bombeck Quotations

Napoleon Bonaparte Quotations

Arna Bontemps Quotations

Murray Bookchin Quotations

Daniel J. Boorstin Quotations

William Booth Quotations

William E. Borah Quotations

Jorge Luis Borges Quotations

Tadeusz Borowski Quotations

George Borrow Quotations

Margaret Bourke-White Quotations

Kenneth Boulding Quotations

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